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I think skinny people skip meals because they like to play games with their body. I skip meals because if my body eats itself I might be able to taste it, eventually.
I do free stuff.

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It is Pride month yknow what that means? Its getting close to be my birthday! Ive never really felt the need to say either before but Im gonna this year because I feel like it.

Shoutout to all my bisexual friends who get shat on for being in straight relationships! Haha, that aside I hope this month treats you all well. Im getting another year older and birthdays arent necessarily easy for me for whatever reason so Im going to be faking a lot of positivity about it instead of the usual moping about. Yay me!!!!! I would like to become famous for no reason for my birthday, rich too! So if you could all make that happen Id appreciate it.

Im not sure what another year has in store for me, or if I even live to actually see my birthday, but Im looking forward to doing something new before my next birthday. I havent the slightest clue what that is but I want to feel a little less like a nobody so perhaps Ill go be in one of those hollywood films people keep seeing. Im also looking forward to seeing what I can do for myself come next year. Yknow, mental health, physical health, accomplishments, the whole kabang. I wont be making the next FNF or anything like that, but bettering my personal IRL life, hopefully. My plan is to do whatever major thing I feel like until I catch something I really like. Smart right?

Anyhow, back to pride month. This monthlong celebration is something I have never personally celebrated and that may sound weird to you, but its true. I have a lot of problems with my place in it and I prefer to be more laid back when it comes to my sexuality n gender identity. I know a bunch of straight people that go way overboard with it though lool. "I kissed my friend once in honor of gay!" Thats both funny and adorable. Anyhow, I wont really do anything for this month either, Ill continue being me in honor of being me. Thats the best way to celebrate. I hope everyone treats you guys well and supports your sexuality and gender identity, just as they should every other month. If they dont I will xoxoxo. Peace out hotties and be yourself, kiss a dude or girl, kiss your mother on the cheek, and always always kiss me. <3


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